Samsung anuncia investimentos de US$ 22 bi em inteligência artificial e 5G

“Muitas das notícias sobre a Samsung nos últimos meses dão conta da intenção da diretoria em desenvolver melhor uma área que ficou em segundo plano nas últimas temporadas e agora se tornou prioridade: a inteligência artificial (IA). Os rumores já envolviam melhores versões do assistente digital Bixby e um smart speaker. Agora essas informações de bastidores ganham corpo com um anúncio oficial […]

This hedge fund’s trades are driven by artificial intelligence

“Faceless robots may be the next wave for investors to manage your money. Numerai, a San Francisco-based hedge fund which trades stock powered by artificial intelligence, uses data scientists to predict its market accuracy. “All of our hedge fund trades are powered by machine learning algorithms developed by people around the world and we reward […]

The Role of the IoT in the Global Industrial and Manufacturing Market

“In this latest piece of IoT research, The Role of the IoT in the Global Industrial and Manufacturing Market, Strategy Analytics analyses: The Opportunities and Benefits IoT offers the Industrial and Manufacturing markets, including automation, predictive maintenance, digital twins and supply chain optimisation. The Challenges and Inhibitors in this market, including legacy system integration, connectivity, privacy and security. The revenue potential for IoT in this sector, forecast out […]

How will Blockchain assist the banks?

“Reasoning how this will be possible, the company that specializes in providing best-in-class market research and business intelligence across 6 key sectors, said that blockchain will assist in cost reductions in payment processing, reconciliation, treasury operations and compliance. Juniper Research made this major FinTech tweet on 1st August based on their press release, stating: “#Blockchain […]

Games Help Trace the Progress of AI

“Considering this, an AI called Libratus made the next breakthrough in artificial intelligence research by beating the best players at Texas Hold ‘Em poker. Developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon, Libratus showed that AI can compete with humans in situations where it has access to partial information. Libratus used several AI techniques to learn poker and improve […]