Robo-Advisers: Not Just For Millennials Anymore? – Forbes

“For those who’d be content with a Siri/Alexa-type financial consultant, there’s the new “Emotional Advisor” service for employees at firms using the Dream Forward 401(k) plan provider. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replicate a financial adviser so employees can stay on track for retirement. This chatbot on steroids steps in “when an employee is about […]

Robos to make banks a bigger competitor in advice market – Investment News

“Financial advisers may find they are increasingly competing with banks and credit unions for new clients, as more of these traditional savings institutions deploy robo advisers for customers. Although most aren’t yet offering access to digital platforms, in recent months a number of institutions have inked deals with robo advice providers, including Wells Fargo, Citizens […]

Robôs Traders: Unindo sorte e visão

Quanto mais olhamos para os detalhes do dia a dia do mercado de capitais, ou ainda o intradiário, mais percebemos oportunidades de ganho de curto prazo. E essa atraente verdade esconde uma outra verdade inconveniente: o aleatório. Portanto, os traders, mesmo os que operam com posições de alguns dias, conhecidos como positions, não irão escapar […]

Morgan Stanley robo adviser? A future redefined – OWS

“In recent weeks, a select group of Morgan Stanley advisers has been participating in a pilot project to test new technologies designed to blend high-tech with high-touch advice. The firm is calibrating the work of its advisers, employing algorithms to identify clients’ unmet needs or interests, and then presenting advisers with ready-made yet customizable messages […]