AI technology is not just an experiment

“Most said the reason wasn’t that they wanted to keep their AI activities secret, but that they weren’t actually very far along and hence their projects were not worth discussing yet. They were doing lots of pilots, proofs of concept, and prototypes, but they had few production deployments. When they did have AI systems in production, most were machine learning-based systems that had been in place for many years. This is particularly true in financial services, where large-scale “scoring” has been used to evaluate customers for credit and potential fraud for well over a decade. Some said to us that they didn’t really consider these projects to be examples of AI — consistent with the common view of AI that it describes technology that is never really here yet. Others say that they have robotic process automation (RPA) implementations in place, but most are relatively small, and there is also debate about whether RPA is really AI or not.”

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