Robo-Advisers: Not Just For Millennials Anymore? – Forbes

“For those who’d be content with a Siri/Alexa-type financial consultant, there’s the new “Emotional Advisor” service for employees at firms using the Dream Forward 401(k) plan provider. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replicate a financial adviser so employees can stay on track for retirement. This chatbot on steroids steps in “when an employee is about to take a negative action,” says Dream Forward co-founder Grant Easterbrook. For instance, if you lower the percentage of pay you’ll save through your 401(k), Easterbrook says, the Emotional Advisor will ask: “Why are you doing that? How can I help? What’s on your mind?” Another negative action that triggers emotional advice: when you’re taking more time than average to choose your 401(k) beneficiaries.”

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